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About LearningLeaders

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George Goh Chong Teck

George Goh Chong Teck serves as Associate Director of Legal Affairs and Partner of LearningLeaders, a Hong Kong and Shanghai-based consulting firm specializing in professional skills training and lifelong educational services. At LearningLeaders, Mr. Goh helps in shaping curriculum and product re-design through the use of qualitative and quantitative assessments. He also leads debate and public speaking practice sessions for young adults.

Mr.Goh graduated with stellar grades from Singapore Management University School of Law. For his efforts, he earned a place on the Dean’s List and also topped his cohort in the area of corporate law. Prior to joining LearningLeaders, he was a litigation lawyer in Singapore at Drew & Napier LLC. Since young, Mr. Goh has been passionate about public speaking and debate, clinching the Best Resolution Paper accolade at a Model United Nations Conference in 2008. He also represented his university in many business case competitions and his team emerged as Overall Champions for the 2015 SMU-PEELI Rural Entrepreneurship Case Challenge. During high school, Mr. Goh served as the training manager for the Anderson Junior College Debate Society where he planned and executed training programs.

Mr.Goh is an experienced coach and adjudicator in the World Schools Debating format, having coached at more than ten local and international schools in Singapore. During his five years as Head Coach of Anglo-Chinese (International) School, his team went from being the bottom team of the lowest debating division to Overall Champions of the 2nd highest division in Singapore’s middle school debating national tournament. Additionally, his students were often named as Best Overall Speakers for debate tournaments they participated in. He also led the debate team of a local school in Singapore, St Nicholas Girls’ School to being Runners-Up for the 2015 Passion Arts Debate Shield. Apart from helping his students excel at tournaments, Mr. Goh placed (and still places) a premium on cultivating the right debating values and culture amongst his students.

Mr.Goh lives in Shanghai and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

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