About LearningLeaders

About LearningLeaders

We deliver learning experiences that delight and inspire.

Our Learning Methodology

At LearningLeaders, we coach learners to demonstrate comprehension of new concepts, and retain that understanding for the long-term. We guide others to do the same through our three-step process: Active, Interactive, and Reflective Learning.



New concepts from our Online LearningCenter

Learners first encounter new concepts on our Online Learning Center, where they actively engage in guided independent learning experiences, including original instructional videos and multimedia activities.



Small group practice and feedback

During practices, learners collaborate with peers in small groups to interactively develop new skills and receive direct feedback from coaches.



Writing and self-assessment

After each practice, learners compose written reflections to assess performance and progress, highlighting individual strengths and target improvement areas.

Meet the LearningLeaders Team

At Learning Leaders, we deliver impactful learning experiences that delight and inspire. That is our core value and we stick to it, no matter the course, student, or situation. Lifelong learning is an ever-evolving personal task, and thus teaching students to “Learn and Lead, for Life” is what we aim to accomplish.

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