Debate & Public Speaking Courses

LearningLeaders has put together a comprehensive set of eight courses

At LearningLeaders, we deliver impactful learning experiences that delight and inspire. That is our core value and we stick to it, no matter the course, student, or situation. Lifelong learning is an ever-evolving personal task, and thus teaching students to “Learn and Lead, for Life.” is what we aim to accomplish.

1. Public Speaking & Dramatic Storytelling
Public Speaking Courses

Public Speaking and Dramatic Storytelling is suitable for junior scholars (5th or 6th grade) who are interested in learning about public speaking and debate but have not had much experience previously.

2. Presentations & Speechwriting
Public Speaking Courses

Learn to conduct research and collaboratively compose speeches and presentations. Deliver an original researched presentation.

3. Introduction to Debate
Debate Courses

Introduction to Debate is suitable for those scholars who are interested in learning about debate and would like to improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills but have not had much experience. The class focuses on basic argumentation, refutation, and confidence-building.

4. Critical Thinking
Debate Courses

Critical Thinking is suitable for scholars who are interested in learning about debate but have not had much experience previously. The class focuses on critical reasoning and argumentation, including set theory, categorical propositions, induction vs. deduction, and more!

5. Intermediate Debate
Debate Courses

Intermediate Debate is suitable for those scholars who possess a level of competence in debate and have participated in competitive debate events in the past.

6. Advanced Debate
Debate Courses

Learn the multiple formats of competitions and how to prepare comprehensively. Succeed in diverse styles of debate events.

7. Persuasive Speaking for Debaters
Public Speaking Courses

Learn to persuade audiences and judges alike with rhetorical devices and a strong understanding of the role context plays in speeches and debates. Deliver your own TED Talk.

8. Elite Debate
Debate Courses
The LearningLeaders Elite Team is suitable for those older scholars (8th or 9th grade, generally) who have had multiple years of experience in debate and are selected by the LearningLeaders coaches to participate on the Team.

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