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Insights & Media

Is the Future of Education Online?

March 23

In today’s world, fewer questions loom larger in the minds of students, parents, and educators alike.

Beginning tomorrow, some of the best debaters in Shanghai will square off at the 2015 Dragonboat Debate Tournament to answer this question, which could potentially define the greatest shift in educational practices in recent memory.  If you’ve ever asked yourself the following questions:

  •     Is learning online effective?
  • Can I receive degrees from online education?
  • What in the world are MOOCs?
  • Do face-to-face interactions between students and teachers even matter?
  • How will mobile phones change education?

    …then we look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the 2015 Dragonboat Debate Tournament.

    We are also lucky to have three experienced and passionate educators from around the world! They will be holding a panel discussion on the topic of future of international education at 1:30PM on June 20th (Saturday).

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