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LearningLeaders in Hong Kong for 2014 IISPSC

March 24

This year, China sent its first-ever representatives to the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition in Hong Kong!  The competition took place at Renaissance College.  The IISPSC is an annual public speaking event held at different schools around the globe.  Former hosts of the competition include Deerfield Academy (USA), Queen Anne School (UK), Trinity College School (CA), and The Country Day School (CA).

This year, LearningLeaders brought two students, Sophia Li and Rochelle Wang, to compete in the event.

Sophia and Rochelle each participated in a number of different public speaking events, including: Impromptu Speaking, Parliamentary Debate, After Dinner Speaking, and Interpretive Reading.  After four days of tough competition, Sophia and Rochelle were each recognized for their accomplishments.

Congratulations to Sophia and Rochelle from the LearningLeaders Family!

Next year’s competition will take place from October 22-26 in Toronto, Canada.  LearningLeaders looks forward to bringing some students to this competition as well.

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