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Thanksgiving Debate Tournament Photos

December 8

We had so much fun at the Thanksgiving Tournament over the weekend. Congratulations to all participants for their ceaseless preparation, relentless appetite for knowledge, and their unending pursuit of perfection.

We would like to thank all 117 debaters, 9 Storytellers, 11 Impromptu speakers, 88 judges, and all the parents and volunteers for coming out: without all of you if wouldn’t have been possible! With all of you, we were able to support a truly noble cause: donating over ¥7000 to the Shanghai Healing Home!

The 2016 Thanksgiving Competition was a great event that was inspiring and educational for all involved. The competition was grueling, with some excellent students advancing to the final round in both divisions.

In the novice final round there was a nail-biting debate between Steven Xue (YK Pao) and Sunshine Chen (YK Pao) on the CON side and Sherissa Wu (SAS Pudong) and Elena Zhao (SAS Pudong) on the PRO side.

In the Open division final round there was a very engaging debate between Anna Yan (SHSID) and Angela Sha (SAS Puxi) on the PRO side and Matt Song (SAS Puxi) and Brian Li (SAS Puxi).

Congratulations to all competitors for all your dedication and hard work!

Please find more photos from the event below. See if you can pick yourself out:

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