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May Day Tournament – Recap and Results

March 24

On May 2, 2015, LearningLeaders hosted its Inaugural May Day Debate Tournament.  41 members of the LearningLeaders debate team participated, across three divisions.  After a full day of debating with a total of three rounds for nearly every team, the results were as follows:

Division 1

Champions: Alexander Liang, Kevin Gu, Gordon Xu

Finalists/Runners up: Jessica Qian, Eileen Chen, Abbey Xu

Debaters: Benny Liang, Matthew Shen, Johnasson Yu, Alex Fan, Christopher Shen, Jasper Zhu, Alan Chang, James Wang

Best Speaker Awards: Alexander Liang, Alan Chang, Kevin Gu

Division 2

Champions: Jason Qian, Steve Fan, Ted Chang, Barron Han

Finalists/Runners up: Marcus Wallace, Elgin Lin

Debaters: Ejen Liu, Carolyn Tsiang, Poem Lin, Chloe Tung, Wein Hsu, Ian Zhang, Zach Neri, Kaipo Tsai, Nickie Nie, Victoria Geh, Angie Fan

Best Speaker Awards: Ted Chang, Marcus Wallace, Angie Fan

Division 3

Champions: Kaiser Ke, Elaine Lee

Finalists/Runners up: Alexander Lin, Max Tsiang, Jenny Gao

Debaters: Katie Chen, Cynthia Gu, Chansol Park, Ray Tsao, Renee Liu

Best Speaker Awards: Kaiser Ke, Alexander Lin, Katie Chen

Congratulations to all debaters for their outstanding performance during the May Day Debate Tournament.  See you next year!

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