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New Student Registration Guide 新生分级测试

January 23
Step-by-step Guide to Registration
Placement Test
很多家长和学员都不太清楚 LearningLeaders 的报名注册流程,造成遗憾的错过合适的时间。本次推送将系统讲解我们的报名流程。
Book an appointment for Placement Test
All new students are required to sit for a Placement Test before they can enroll into the program. Please make an appointment with our administrative stuff at a time convenient for you.

  1. This should take about an hour. We will spend some time talking about our program, and give your student a 30-45 minute placement test. No need to bring anything with you!
  2. The results of the placement test should be sent to your email within 2 days after your visit. If they are not, please contact us at:  86 21 5473 0668
  3. The results will tell you what class to sign up for. Proceed to the sign-up page to register! The link is in the placement test results.

  1. 该测试一共需要约1小时,我们先会为家长和新生介绍LearningLeaders 的项目以及各项目的细节。然后,学员需要完成一个30到45分钟的分级测试。您不需要准备任何东西!
  2. 分级测试在测试后的两个工作日内会发送到您在预约是留下的电子邮箱地址。若您没有收到我们的邮件,请致电   86 21 5473 0668
  3. 邮件中会通知您新生被录取的班级,请点击邮件里的链接到报名界面填写资料完成报名手续
Course Sign Up
Visit to view our course schedule, fees, and registration form. Once you sign up, we will confirm your information and you will receive an invoice within 2 days of signing up.
Complete Payment
Payment instructions will be on the invoice. We accept WeChat, Alipay, cash, and bank transfer. Please write your student’s name in the memo or note section.
Confirmation Email
You will receive an email once your registration is received.
请到我们的网址 查询新学期的课程安排、时间表、费用以及报名表格。在您完成报名以后,我们会在两个工作日内与您联系并确认您填写的资料。确认完成以后,我们会给您发送付款信息和收款单。
Feel free to contact us for any queries!
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