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Robotics Champs! LearningLeaders shine in Guangzhou.

March 23

A group of intrepid LearningLeaders traveled to Guangzhou last weekend to participate in a robotics competition at AISG.  The following article is written by Jasper Zhu, 7th grader at Shanghai American School Pudong.  Happy birthday Jasper!  And Congratulations to the Championship Team.  Read on for details:

November 28th, 2015 (one day before my birthday)

Today we had a robotics competition. This competition was hosted by American International School Guangzhou (AISG). The competition consists of two parts. In the morning, we focused on the research project, in the afternoon we focused more on the board.

Before I continue, I would first like to confirm some terms. The research project is when the part where you have to create an innovative solution for a current problem on trash. The research project consists of three parts. The first part is the problem. You have to determine what is the problem you want to solve. The second part is about current solutions that already exist. In this part, you have to research about some solutions that already exist to solve the problem. The final part is YOUR solution.

The board is basically a large board with a bunch of missions you want your robot to complete. By completing missions you get points. The team with the most points win.

In the morning, different teams would review each others research projects and some constructive feedback. Basically all the teams were split into two groups, each group took turns listening to the other groups. Even though this section was not a competition, but it was still really helpful. This is because the other teams gave really valuable feedback. Using the feedback we obtain from the other group, we will really be able to improve our project.

During the afternoon, we performed on the board. Each team got four tries. In the end, we were compared in three different ways. First was the “most improved”. They ranked this by seeing who improved the most from their worst score to their best score. The second was the most consistent. This was determined by who got the highest score in total. The final ways was the best. This was basically who got the highest score in one run.

From this competition, I learned a lot of things. First of all, I learned how to work with group members when under pressure. This is because during the meet, we had a lot of programs that weren’t quit finished. We had to finish them in a really short period of time. Second of all, I learn about the placed our research project needs to improve on.

By overcoming the multiple hardships presented to our team, we really grew and became a even better team. We also achieved a first place with 415 points on the board. : )

This article was written by Jasper Zhu, a 7th grader at Shanghai American School, Pudong

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