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LearningLeaders 2017 TOC China Champions!

January 27
Congratulations to April Wang and Brian Li for winning the first national championship competition of 2017 at the China Tournament of Champions (TOC)!

恭喜 April Wang 和 Brian Li 一举夺下2017年第一个全国范围的辩论赛,Tournament of Champions (TOC)!

The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is considered the most prestigious and competitive American high school debate tournament. The tournament was created by Dr. J.W. Patterson in 1972, it serves as the pinnacle of high school debate, allowing the best debaters in the United States to compete.

TOC 是美国高中生辩论比赛中竞争最激烈也是最顶尖的辩论赛事。该比赛于1972年有 Dr J.W. Patterson 创办,是美国高中生辩论赛的最高峰。

The very first TOC-China was held on January 22nd – 24th at the High School Affiliated to Tongji University. This was an incredibly competitive event attended by students from some of the top schools around China such as Nanjing Foreign Language School, High School Affiliated to Renmin University, Hangzhou Foreign Language School, Shanghai High School International Division, #2 High School Affiliated to East China Normal University, Fudan International School and many others.

本届TOC 中国于1月22日-24日在同济大学附属中学举办,参赛队伍来自中国顶尖的高级中学,包括南京外国语学校、人民大学附属中学、杭州外国语学校、上海中学国际部、华东师范大学第二附属中学、复旦大学附属中学国际部等。

In addition to April and Brian’s impressive win several other members of the LearningLeaders family turned in outstanding performances at the China TOC. Congratulations to Andrew Mi for making it the finals. Brian Jung, Evan Shen, Jasper Zhu, Alan Chang and Vivian Fan all made it to the quarterfinals. Jeannie Wu, May Chen and Rosemary Chen all made it to the double-octafinals (top 32). Congratulations to all the competitors on a great start to 2017!

除了April 和 Brian,LearningLeaders的其他学生也表现优异!恭喜 Andrew Mi 晋级决赛,Brian Jung、Evan Shen、Jasper Zhu、Alan Chang 和 Vivian Fan晋级八分之一决赛,Jeannie Wu、May Chen 和 Rosemary Chen 晋级十六分之一决赛。祝贺各位选手,你们为2017年开了一个好兆头!

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