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Top 5 Body Language Tips for TED Talks

March 23

Ever wonder what makes a great TED Talk?  Thanks to our friends at the TED blog, we’ve learned that Body Language has a great deal to do with it.  Let’s take a look below at the Top 5 Body Language Tips for TED Talks.

So why do some TED Talks rack up millions of views, while others on similar topics get less attention? Van Edwards points to five nonverbal patterns that the poll revealed:

  1. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Van Edwards found that people rated speakers comparably on charisma, credibility and intelligence whether they watched talks with sound — or on mute.
  2.   “Jazz hands rock.” Van Edwards noted a correlation between the number of hand gestures a speaker makes in a talk and the number of views the talk receives..
  3. “Scripts kill your charisma.” Van Edwards found that speakers who offered more vocal variety showed better ratings on charisma and credibility. What’s especially interesting: people rated speakers who clearly ad libbed in their talks higher than those who stayed on script..
  4. “Smiling makes you look smarter.” Van Edwards found that the longer a TED speaker smiled, the higher their perceived intelligence ratings..
  5.   “You have seven seconds.” Van Edwards found that first impressions matter a lot, and that people had largely formed their opinion about a speaker based on the first several seconds.

So, LearningLeaders, if you want to give a TED talk one day, keep these tips in mind!

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